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Talking Union, Talking Climate | Vivian Price | Supply Chain Capitalism Series

February 21, 2024
12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Wednesday, February 21 | Wasserstein Hall, Room 3016 | 12:15pm – 1:15pm ET

We’re excited to present the second talk in a semester-long series, Supply Chain Capitalism: Legal Regimes and Worker Power. It will include a film screening of the 15 minute film, Talking Union, Talking Climate. Our speaker, the film’s director Vivian Price, is a professor of Interdisciplinary and Labor Studies at the California State University – Dominguez Hills.

Talking Union, Talking Climate is a conversation between oil workers from California, Norway, and Nigeria about their jobs, their labor conditions, and thoughts on the impact of climate change on their industry.  We often hear statistics and predictions on jobs and climate change from policymakers and companies who are preparing for a green shift, but how do workers make sense of their future? The 15-minute film offers viewers a down-to-earth, funny, and serious opportunity to understand the experiences of workers in the global north and global south as they compare notes and learn about each other’s situations. This short video will stimulate workers, students, environmentalists, and the public to rethink their own ideas about the fossil fuel industry, the green shift, and what a just transition might entail.

This series of talks is a joint effort of the Program on Law and Political Economy and the Center for Labor and a Just Economy. It will examine law’s role in structuring global supply chains. Across four installments, we will discuss how contemporary modes of supply, production, and capital ownership – or Supply Chain Capitalism – impact the distribution of power and resources between the global north and the global south and between capital and labor. We will pay particular attention to law’s role in enabling, sustaining or potentially disrupting these distributive and relational patterns.

All are welcome! For those who plan to join via the livestream:

Zoom links will be available on this page at least 24 hours before each session. Please see further event details below.

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