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Democratizing Work

March 14, 2023
12:10 pm - 12:55 pm

When we think about democracy we usually think about it in the political realm. But it can also extend into other parts of society, including the workplace. There are many examples around the world of how this might be done, ranging from worker cooperatives to flat organizations to powerful and democratically-run labor unions. This session will examine the workplace through the lens of democracy and ask how work can be organized so that it is more democratic.

Moderated by Barbara Wheeler-Bride, digital editor at Stanford Social Innovation Review, she will be joined by Isabelle Ferreras, professor of sociology, University of Louvain (Belgium), co-creator of the #DemocratizingWork Global Initiative, co-author of Democratize Work: The Case for Reorganizing the Economy, Sarita Gupta, vice president of U.S. Programs at the Ford Foundation, and other panelists for a conversation about reimagining a more democratic workplace, and Jennifer Epps, the executive director of the LIFT Fund.

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