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Wurf Memorial Fund

Wurf Memorial Forum


In concert with the HTUP program, nearly every year, a speaker is chosen for the Wurf Memorial Forum that is in line with the terms of the endowment:

“reflect Jerry Wurf’s belief in the dignity of work, and his commitment to improving the quality of lives of working people, to free open thought and debate about public policy issues, to informed political action…and to reflect his interests in the quality of management in public service, especially as it assures the ability of workers to do their jobs with maximum effect and efficiency in environments sensitive to their needs and activities.”

Past Speakers

1984 Wurf Memorial Forum
Olof Palme,
Swedish Prime Minister “Employment and Welfare”
2023 Wurf Memorial Forum
Pronita Gupta, 
Former Special Assistant to the President for Labor and Workers, Senior Fellow – Workshop
“Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities Still Ahead for Labor during the Biden-Harris Administration”

2001 Wurf Memorial ForumHonorable Albert J. Gore
“The Strength of America”
2024 Wurf Memorial Forum
Former senior counsel to the secretary of labor and senior fellow at the Economic Policy Institute.
“Meeting the Moment – Building the Labor Movement During the Most Pro-Union Presidency in History”
2003 Wurf Memorial Forum
Bill Richardson,
Governor of New Mexico
“The Future of the Democratic
Party and the Latino Vote”
2012 Wurf Memorial Forum
Brigid O’Farrell, 
Mills College
“She Was One of Us:
Eleanor Roosevelt and
the American Worker”