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Yoorie Chang, Project Manager, Clean Slate for Worker Power

Yoorie Chang

Project Manager, CLJE:Lab

Yoorie Chang is the Project Manager for CLJE:Lab, the policy and legal innovation lab at Harvard Law School’s Center for Labor and a Just Economy. In her role, she focuses on advancing strategies and policy interventions to enable working people to build countervailing power, and manages partnerships with stakeholders across the labor movement ecosystem. Prior to joining the project, Yoorie was a part of the applied research and evaluation team at the Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunities Program, where she worked on issues of job quality, worker voice, employee ownership, and racial and gender equity across a range of collaborative cross-sector projects.

Previously, Yoorie has supported organizing efforts in higher education with SEIU Local 200United and served as a research fellow at the Worker Institute. Originally from Seoul, South Korea and raised in Colorado, Yoorie received a B.S. with honors in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.