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Press Release

Harvard Law Today

Shaping law to build a more just economy 02/1/2023
Press Coverage

The Harvard Gazette

The American dream costs more than $29,000 a year 02/1/2023
Op-Ed: Terri Gerstein

The American Prospect

New Process Gives Undocumented Workers Legal Status to Report Employer Abuse 01/31/2023
Press Coverage

The Harvard Crimson

Harvard Law School Launches Center for Labor and a Just Economy 01/25/2023
Press Coverage

Harvard Magazine

The State of Unions 01/25/2023
Interview: Sharon Block

Yahoo! Finance

Why Amazon's Latest Labor Fines Come Out to Only $60K 01/21/2023
Interview: Terri Gerstein

Amicus With Dahlia Lithwick

The Labor Case Before SCOTUS Has Big Implications for Democracy 01/14/2023
Interview: Sharon Block

CBS MoneyWatch

How a 2017 strike could slam shut the new era of worker activism 01/13/2023
Interview: Isabelle Ferreras

American Talk

Do Democracy and Capitalism Really Need Each Other? 01/7/2023
Interview: Benjamin Sachs

Talking Points Memo

Chipotle Borrows From Starbucks’ Playbook As Workers Push To Unionize 01/6/2023
Interview: Sharon Block

The New Republic

Starbucks Workers Are Unionizing. Their Bosses Are Refusing to Bargain. 01/5/2023
Interview: Sharon Block


Federal Agency That Oversees Unions Will Get First Funding Boost in a Decade 12/28/2022
Press Coverage: Terri Gerstein

Wisconsin Examiner

Report: Public development subsidy deals should guarantee better jobs, working conditions 11/29/2022
Interview: Terri Gerstein

CBS MoneyWatch

Why going on strike could get much harder for American workers 10/13/2022
Press Coverage: Sharon Block

Investors Can Help Prevent “Race to the Bottom” on Labour Conditions 10/7/2022