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Press Coverage: Sharon Block

The New Republic

Howard Schultz’s Excuse for Union-Busting: I Grew Up in Public Housing! 03/30/2023
Op-Ed: Terri Gerstein


Prosecute Bad Bosses: More district attorneys are cracking down on abusive employers. It’s about time. 03/21/2023
Interview: Sharon Block

Fast Company

​​Why fast-food workers, ride-hail drivers, and nail technicians are fighting for this new form of labor organizing 03/13/2023
Interview: Sharon Block

Inc. Magazine

Child Labor Violations Have Surged. Are You Protecting Young Workers? 03/6/2023
Interview: Terri Gerstein

NPR 1a

Child labor violations have quadrupled since 2015. How did we get here? 03/6/2023
Terri Gerstein


How Did Children End Up as Factory Workers in America Again? 03/1/2023
Interview: Benjamin Sachs

The Guardian

‘Old-school union busting’: how US corporations are quashing the new wave of organizing 02/27/2023
Interview: Terri Gerstein

The Philadelphia Enquirer

After they won their wage theft cases, they waited years to get paid. Some still wait. 02/23/2023
Press Coverage

The Harvard Crimson

U.S. Representative Bobby Scott Speaks About Labor at a Harvard Law School Forum 02/9/2023
Interview: Sharon Block

Bloomberg Law

Retail, Service Sectors Notch Labor Wins as Union Density Falls 02/8/2023
Op-Ed: Terri Gerstein

CT Insider

Opinion: CT should curb noncompetes, no matter what happens in D.C. 02/8/2023
Op Ed: Sharon Block and Benjamin Sachs


Labor Law Reform Is Needed For Unions To Succeed 02/6/2023
Interview: Sharon Block


Job surge leads into State of the Union 02/6/2023
Interview: Sharon Block

The Nation

Meet the Activist Championing the Rights of Workers From the Inside 02/4/2023