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Event Series: Clean Slate in Action

Clean Slate in Action: Mapping the Road to Labor Law Reform

Clean Slate in Action is a public event series highlighting efforts to empower workers at the state and local levels to advance the vision of the Clean Slate project for a more just economy and democracy. This series presents a unique opportunity to get an inside look at what is working on the ground and what it takes to fundamentally reshape our workers’ rights agenda. Hosted at Harvard Law School’s Center for Labor and a Just Economy, we bring together workers, organizers, advocates, and policy experts to discuss novel policy ideas, organizing campaigns, and findings from the frontiers of labor law reform. The topics featured in our conversation series will include major themes from our Clean Slate report, focusing on how aspects of our agenda can advance through state and local innovation.

Given the challenges hindering progress at the federal level, we believe the most promising path forward for labor law reform is through experimentation at the state and local levels. With this series, we are excited to reengage with our broader Clean Slate community and beyond and aim to inspire fresh ideas around possibilities for partnerships and action.

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